One                                  VERY BAD THINGS

Two                                 HIDE IT

Three                              LYING DICKWEED

Four                                 WHOA

Five                                  NO MAIL NO CUTLASS

Six                                    SISTERS

Seven                              SHE’S DEAD!

Eight                                RUNAWAY EXPRESS

Nine                                GOOBER’S AUTO

Ten                                  DO THE MATH

Eleven                             BOLO FOR THE LEO

Twelve                            MINNE-SNOWDA

Thirteen                        BRIGHT LIGHTS DASH LIGHTS

Fourteen                        SOME BACHELOR PARTY

Fifteen                           LONG DAY

Sixteen                           CONVOY

Seventeen                     BUMPER CARS

Eighteen                        GREAT BALLS OF FIRE

Nineteen                       EVOLUTION                     

Twenty                           OW MY HEAD!

Twenty One                  FINDING AUNT TRACI

Twenty Two                  FIRST NEWS

Twenty Three               THIS ISN’T A JOKE?

Twenty Four                  WIPE DOWN THE CAR

Twenty Five                   B & E

Twenty Six                     CONTACT!

Twenty Seven               WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

Twenty Eight                 THEM PESKY KIDS

Twenty Nine                  BUCKLE UP TOOTS!

Thirty                              NOW WHAT?